How to Measure Torso for Backpack: Geek Tips

Picking out a backpack can be difficult, but how do you know if the one you just bought is going to fit? This article will teach how to measure your torso for a backpack and how that affects the overall comfort. If this sounds like something that interests you, then keep reading!

A friend or spouse and a flexible tape measure are required for determining backpack torso size.

Step 1- First, take the flexible tape measure and begin at the base of your neck right above your shoulder blades.

Step 2- The tape measure should be running down alongside your spine with one end in each hand. Be sure to keep it level down both sides of the back (even if the curve is present). The point where you can no longer hold it (or can’t press firmly enough against the back) is where you should take the measurement.

Step 3- This measurement point will be your Torso Length and how tall you are in inches. We recommend taking this measurement twice to ensure accuracy. Many people’s backs curve slightly different from others, even if they measure the same height.

Step 4- To measure backpack torso size, you will want a Torso Length of fewer than 16 inches for women and 18 inches for men. This way, even if your pack’s hip belt isn’t quite large enough, it won’t be too tight around your waist or hips while wearing lighter clothing.

Step 5- Finally, if your torso length is over 16 inches (or 18), you will want to go with an internal frame pack with a hip belt designed for women or men. These packs are usually better suited for how tall you are and how much gear you plan on carrying because they will hold the weight more comfortably.

Sizing Information

  • Extra Small: 14 & 15 inches (women’s only for Gregory Packs, Unisex for Deuter Packs)
  • Small: 16 & 17 inches
  • Medium: 18 & 19 inches
  • Large: 20 & 22 inches
  • Tall: 22+inches

Geek Tips

– Torso length is how tall you are in inches.

– It’s ok if your hip belt isn’t quite long enough to tighten it around your waist or hips while wearing lighter clothing because of how wide they are, but having a torso length under 16 inches (or 18) makes this process easier for women and men.

– You’ll be more satisfied with how well your backpack fits if you go with one that is designed for how tall you are.

– If it’s too big, you won’t distribute the weight of the load evenly. It could lead to severe musculoskeletal problems in the neck, shoulders, back & hips.

Final Verdict on Measuring Torso for Backpack

You may have just spent your hard-earned money on a new backpack, but are you sure it is the right size for you? The size of your torso can make or break how comfortable and well-fitting the pack will be.

 By following these steps to measure your torso length, width, and height before making any purchases, you’ll know what dimensions suit you best so that when selecting a bag in-store, all things should align with this knowledge. Now go and enjoy some peace of mind as backpacking season approaches!

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