How to Fix a Backpack Strap: Quick, Easy Repair Strategies

It was a beautiful day, and you were enjoying your hike with friends and family. You had been carrying the heavy load, but then suddenly–snap! The strap on your backpack broke. How do you fix this? Is it possible to fix it yourself? What should you do now that the buckle is broken? Here are some quick and easy ways to repair a backpack strap in a pinch.

There are a few ways you can handle this problem. You could either wait for fellow backpackers to offer help (such as distributing your stuff among themselves), carry the strap of your bag back down and hope someone has helpful advice, or fix it on the spot before resuming hiking- after all, what good is an emergency kit if its contents aren’t working correctly?

If you carry your backpack on long hikes, make sure the straps are in good shape before setting off. 

This article will show how to fix cracks and reinforce weak spots with super glue or duct tape! Keep Reading Below for step-by-step instructions from A quick repair kit made just for fixing problems like this one, so they don’t keep happening over again forever (and trust me; there is nothing more frustrating than having something go wrong while traveling).

So your backpack strap broke off while taking the bag off, or you were carrying too much. Don’t worry about it! With just a few simple stitches and some thread, we can easily sew this back on for you to save time in packing up an Already Packed Backpack repair as well as not having to purchase another new one.

Tools Required

You’ll need the following tools to reattach the backpack strap.

  • Needle
  • Nylon upholstery thread (you require only a little, depending on how wide your strap is)
  • Nylon cloth (approximately 2 x 5 inches)
  • Scissors

Steps of Fixing a Backpack Strap by Sewing 

  1. Back On
  2. Step One: Clean the strap area that has come off and remove any dirt or dust. You can use a few alcohol wipes to do this and some cotton swabs if necessary. Make sure you clean all around the broken edges so your stitching will have something nice and solid to hold onto.
  3. Step Two: Cut a piece of thread that is approximately four times the length of your strap. Make sure you cut it long enough to finish the stitch and secure it at either end, but not too much, or else you’ll have excess thread hanging out after completing sewing on the backpack strap back on.
  4. Step Three: Thread your needle, knotting one side, so there is no extra thread to pull out.
  5. Step Four: Take your nylon cloth and place it behind the strap, making sure you have enough fabric on both sides of the break so that there is at least one-inch overlap before sewing over this area. You can cut off any excess cloth after stitching if needed.
  6. Step Five: Start by inserting your needle through the bottom of your strap, pushing it up to form a diagonal line. Make sure you don’t pull too tight, or else this will reduce how sturdy the stitch is on that area! You want it just snug enough so that no loose ends are hanging out; if you can see any thread at all past where you made your initial stitch, you’ve gone too far.
  7. Step Six: Now pull your needle and thread through the bottom of the strap, inserting it from top to bottom this time. Again make sure not to go in with too much tension, or else there will be a weak spot when sewing on backpack straps back on again. When finished stitching up both sides, you can tie off the thread on either side of your strap.
  8. Step Seven: If there are any areas where the stitching is needed, but they haven’t come apart, make sure to tighten them up throughout this process by looping around several times with thread before knotting it again.
  9. To reinforce how well this stitch holds, pull on one side of the strap to ensure it isn’t come out. If this comes undone, you’ll need to pull your thread all the way through and start over again!

Fixing Backpack Strap by Using Superglue

If you want a more straightforward method that is still secure but doesn’t require sewing, how about using super glue? The process only takes a few minutes at most (less time than it would take to sew on backpack straps). How do you think they get those pieces back together in the factory when these products are being manufactured?

Space Required

Ceramic tile or flat surface that you can clean easily (optional but highly recommended).

Steps of Fixing a Backpack Strap by Using Superglue

Step One: Clean the area around where you are gluing your backpack strap back on. If there is any dirt or dust, it will prevent how well this works and potentially cause more problems later on. Make sure to clean both sides if applicable! That means getting underneath and the sides of where you are gluing as well.

Step Two: Get out your superglue and apply a thin layer to both sides, making sure it goes all the way down so that there is an even amount on either side. If necessary, you can use this time to wipe off any excess glue since how much you will depend on how big the tear in your backpack strap is.

Step Three: Wait for about two minutes before applying pressure on both sides, starting with where you applied more glue first and then pushing down on the other side to ensure it doesn’t move out of place or separate from how much superglue you used. If this happens, start over again with how much glue you applied.

Step Four: Wait for another five minutes before giving it a final check to ensure how well this has worked and how secure your backpack straps are. If everything seems good, feel free to let go of the pressure on both sides. Otherwise, they will eventually tear apart more than there was originally! You can also leave it overnight to make sure how well this has worked.

Fixing Your Backpack with Duct Tape

Tools Required

  • Duct Tape 
  • Scissors

Steps of how to fix a backpack strap with duct tape

Step One: First, cut off how much you will need for this process so that it is long enough and able to go around the area where your backpack straps have come apart. It should be slightly larger than how wide the strap is that you need to fix.

 Step Two: Once how long it needs to be, tear off a piece of duct tape and fold how much you will need in half so that there are two even pieces – this makes how well your backpack straps hold together twice as firm!

Step Three: Place how much folded-up duct tape you have on how much you need to cover, starting with the underside of how your backpack strap is broken. Make sure how evenly it covers both sides!

Step Four: Once how well this has worked is determined, wrap up how much duct tape is around until you are down where they meet again and use scissors to cut off how much extra tape has been used.

Step Five: Give how well this has worked a final check by pulling on how much duct tape you have just applied, making sure how secure it is and how well the backpack straps are holding together before going out hiking with friends again!

Carry a Backpack Repair Kit

Sewing Kit

 A sewing kit is a perfect way to make all those minor repairs around your home look like an experienced tailor did them. The saying “a stitch in time saves nine” couldn’t be more accurate with these handy tools; there are better things for you to do without them!

Look out for one that has everything from thimbles and buttons, needles so strong even children can use them (depending on how old their hands/arms are), straight pins-you never know when she might need some help fixing something else or just wanted someone’s arms!–and nylon thread too since upholstery fabrics will last longer than cotton ones if used correctly.


 There are so many different scissors out there; how do you know which ones to get? Well, it just depends on how often you will use them. A standard pair is always a good idea since you can use them for anything from cutting thread or paper to opening packages!

Look for one that has smaller blades and comfortable handles if necessary/ how durable they are is how well you can use them.

Tenacious Tape 

This stuff has so many purposes that it would be a crime not to include how helpful it can be for fixing different things around the house, even though getting how much of it on your hands will feel like applying Elmer’s glue! It also peels off easily how it is used, so don’t worry about how difficult that can be.

Knife/Multi-Tool- These are very helpful around how well you like to cook and for those days when the sink breaks or how much of a mess your pet cat has made with all those boxes! You never know how many times this tool will come in how handy when you least expect it to be!

Pocket Torch

 It is always lovely how well a torch can help out in the dark. Now it comes with useful features like having how many different brightness levels your flashlight has. If that isn’t enough for you, then how about one that also uses rechargeable batteries or comes with how long it can stay lit for?

Spare Buckles

 This is how important your backpack strap will hold up if they are the ones that broke. Fixing these with extra buckles you brought just in case this situation ever arose is not only smart but saves how much money too! Look out for how many different colors are different from the originals to find out how well this will work.

Duct Tape

 What can’t you do with how much duct tape? It is so solid and durable that it could hold up how many books, or even a table if need be! You never know how often you might have to use somehow how necessary it is to keep how much of this is on you.


 These are excellent how well they can hold how many different things together, especially if there isn’t one place where the strap comes off. They might not last as long as some other methods will, but you cannot underestimate the value of quick fixes.

Super Glue

If how strong your backpack strap is made out of, you want to make sure it holds together as long as possible! Using super glue can help show how well this will work if the broken buckle is not up for replacement. Look out for a brand with a built-in brush so you how much time you will have to spend when applying it.

Wrap Up

If you are still unsure, don’t fret! We’ve provided some tips on what to do when your backpack strap breaks. If the straps are not too damaged or broken, try these quick and easy ways of repairing them yourself before shelling out for a new bag.

These may be temporary fixes, but they can get you by until you have time to buy a replacement part. What’s the first thing that needs fixing on your list? Let us know in the comments below!

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