How to Wash a North Face Backpack: A Guide and Instructional Blog Post

The North Face is one of the most popular brands for backpacks. This brand offers packs with a variety of different features, so there’s sure to be something that suits your needs.

From hiking to biking and trekking, there are North Face packs that will work for you. If you use your pack often, it’s essential to keep it clean by washing it regularly. In this blog post, we’ll show how to wash a North Face backpack in a few easy steps!

We understand that this may sound strange, especially when we’re about to discuss the washing of a backpack. Still, it’s something we need to address.

Washing a backpack is typically not advised, especially if you plan to use it often. Packs with high-quality materials are designed to resist harsh conditions. Generally, they include a DWR coating that keeps the objects inside dry by repelling water.

There is also a danger that it will be damaged during the washing process, mainly if a washing machine or harsh detergents are used. In the sections below, we’ll go over how to avoid these problems.

What is the best method for cleaning a backpack?

The most effective method of cleaning is Spot Cleaning, according to The North Face. They don’t want you to wash or immersion cleans their backpacks thoroughly, so keep that mind.

Spot cleaning may not be enough on occasion to remove all of the filth and grime that your backpack has absorbed during its travels with you.

After that, only when the situation is critical and the backpack has been severely damaged should you consider washing it.

What Materials Are North Face Backpacks Made Of?

The materials used to make a North Face backpack vary depending on the specific pack you have. However, most bags are made from 420D nylon material, which is how they get their name – denier refers to how thick or thin the fabric is. In general, though, this type of material makes for excellent durability and allows for easy cleaning.

North Face backpacks are an essential part of any kid’s gear collection. They provide ample storage for all those toys and books, they keep you warm when the weather turns chilly or wet outside–and best yet-they look awesome!

A quick breakdown of materials used to manufacture some popular North Face models:

  • North Face Recon Backpack

600D Polyester Toile, 500D Nylon Oxford Slub, 420D Nylon, 210D Cordura® Nylon Ripstop, Polyester Jacquard Camo

  • North Face Surge Backpack

500D Nylon Oxford Slub, 420 D Nylon, 210D Cordura® Nylon Ripstop

  • North Face Backpack Borealis

600D Polyester Toile, 500D Nylon Oxford Slub, 420D Nylon, 210D Cordura® Nylon Ripstop, Polyester Jacquard Camo

  • North Face Backpack Jester

600D polyester, 450D x 300D heather polyester, 600D geo emboss polyester, 1200d polyester

How to Hand-Wash a North Face Backpack?

Before You Wash It

The first step before washing your backpack is to ensure that nothing is trapped inside it. Check every pocket and compartment for anything, and remove it.

Fold the hood over and open all of the zippers. Turn it upside down and give it a good shake to help dislodge and remove any small or difficult-to-reach debris that you may trap inside.

When the backpack is empty, move on to the next step.

What You’ll Need

  • A soft brush or toothbrush 
  • Hanger
  • A sink or a bathtub big enough to hold the backpack
  • Detergent that doesn’t contain bleach


The best way to wash your backpack is to put in some elbow grease and do it by hand. If you’re looking for how to wash a North Face backpack, this is the method we recommend. Here are some steps:

Step 1: Fill up your bathtub with warm water and add soap (use something like Woolite or Shout). Please don’t use bleach because it can take away from how well your pack absorbs moisture.

Step 2: Submerge the backpack in the water, then scrub away any dirt or grime accumulated on it with a toothbrush or similar brush. You can also use this method to clean your North Face boots if you want to save time by doing both together!

Step 3: Rinse off your bag under running water until there are no more suds.

Step 4: Hang your backpack up to dry and make sure it’s in a well-ventilated area; otherwise, mildew can grow inside of the bag because of how moist it will be after air drying. Once completely dry, you should store the pack flat, not upright or on its side, as this could warp how it will wear over time.


  • Do not put in a dryer or any other quick-drying method, as this will harm the cloth and cause it to melt or shrink.
  • Hang it upside down to let the water drain out more quickly.

Is it safe to machine wash your North Face backpack?

Many North Face backpack owners wonder if it’s possible to wash their backpacks in a washing machine. In contrast, some claim that yes, this may work for them, and others who have done so say not at all because the material is too delicate and can tear when being washed by hand or even damaged from improper handling.

How to Wash Your North Face Backpack in the Machine?

You can also put your bag in a front-loading washing machine if you’d instead use this method to wash a north face backpack, but be careful not to overload the washer or place too many items inside so that nothing gets tangled up in the bag.

Step 1: Use a gentle setting on your machine and add any laundry detergent you’d like. Woolite® or Shout® are good options to use for how to wash a North Face backpack, but read the label on whatever product you choose before doing so!

Step 2: Let the washer do its job by running through a cycle.

Step 3:  Once done, remove the bag from the washer and put it in your dryer on low heat for about 15 minutes to let it air dry. Or you can hang it up as we mentioned above if you want how to wash a north face backpack by hand!

Wrap Up

So how do you wash a North Face backpack? You can either clean it by hand or use your washing machine. If doing the latter, be careful not to overload the washer with too many items and that nothing gets tangled up in your bag!

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Are North Face Backpacks Water-Resistant?

The North Face says that most of their backpacks are water-resistant, but only some can withstand the rain. It would be best to refer to each bag’s product page for specific information on features and how it will hold up in wet conditions.

Can I Dry My North Face Backpack In The Dryer?

No. Putting your backpack in the dryer could shrink it or even melt some of its components.

The recommended way to successfully get rid of excess moisture from a wet bag? Hang it upside down on one of those hangers you use to store clothes!

How Do You Deodorize A North Face Backpack Without Washing It?

If you think your backpack is giving off a bad smell, try handwashing it with mild detergent. If this problem has been rectified before and does not occur as often for some reason or another, then consider getting one of those deodorizer packs to keep inside the bag at all times!

How Should I Store My North Face Backpack To Keep It Clean?

The best thing you can do is store it in a cool, dark place. If your garage or home’s mudroom has a low ceiling, be sure the items are off the ground because they may come into contact with dirt and debris if there’s not enough space!

What is the most efficient and quick method to wash a backpack?

You can easily wash it in the machine since it is not some fragile material. However, please don’t take my word for it; listen to the manufacturer.

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