Best Backpack for Law School: Paired With A Law Student’s Mindset

Law school can be a daunting task, especially when figuring out the best backpack for law school. With hundreds of different options on Amazon, it’s hard to know where to start looking.

We have put together this list of 7 backpacks with a law student’s mindset so that you don’t have to spend hours browsing around Amazon!

The robust bag has a wide bottom that can open up and give lots of storage area.

It protects your valuables while also looking great. Outside mesh pockets are a fantastic way to keep your water bottles away from the costly technology and papers you’ve spent weeks on.


  • Made of long-lasting 1200D Poly with Rain Defender water repellent and a durable Duravax abrasion-resistant base
  • Measurement: 12w x 18h x 11d inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds


  • This backpack is built to last and for the challenging law student. 
  • The Carhartt Legacy Standard Work Backpack with Padded Laptop Sleeve and Tablet Storage does a great job of organizing your materials stylishly, making it perfect for any law school or business trip.
  • The laptop compartment has plenty of room as well as an extra tablet sleeve.
  • The outside mesh pockets are fantastic for keeping your water bottle away from the backpack’s contents and make it easy to access throughout the day.


  • The only disadvantage we could find with this backpack is that it may be a little bit too big for some people.

With a 17-inch laptop compartment, this backpack is incredibly functional and durable.

The bag’s main pocket has plenty of room for your books and additional pockets to help you stay organized.


  • Made from rugged synthetic material
  • The padded air mesh back panel adds comfort and ventilation. In contrast, the cushioned air mesh shoulder straps provide a contoured fit.
  • Measures 15w x 17.5h x 12.5d inches
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds


  • The Carhartt Legacy Deluxe Work Backpack with 17-Inch Laptop Compartment is not only functional but also incredibly stylish.
  • This backpack has great pockets perfect for law students who want to stay organized and maximize efficiency when carrying their materials all day.
  • Plus, it comes in a variety of colors so that you can find the perfect fit for your personality.


  • One of our main complaints with this backpack is that it doesn’t come in a smaller size, which would be great because not every law student has multiple large textbooks.

This backpack is a fantastic choice for law students who want to stay organized and carry around their laptops.

The main compartment has multiple zippered pockets and an organizer, keeping your materials from mixing.

There is also a front pocket with a headphone port so that you can easily access your phone while it’s in the backpack without having to remove it.


  • Body Dimensions: 19 x 10 x 14 inches
  • Airflow mesh padded back panel
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Materials: Polyester


  • The High Sierra Jarvis Laptop Backpack is an excellent choice for law students who want to avoid having their computer banging around in the bottom of their backpack.
  • This bag has plenty of space and organization options, making it perfect for staying organized while you’re on the go all day long.

This backpack is specifically designed for traveling professionals who need to carry around their laptops.

The water-resistant material means that you won’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet in the rain or snow, which makes it perfect for law students who want a versatile bag that can be used even when they’re not on campus.

There are plenty of pockets throughout the bag for organization, as well as an exterior USB port to charge your phone on the go.


  • Dimensions:12×7.8×18.5 inches
  • TSA-Friendly
  • USB Charging Port
  • RFID Data Protection Pocket
  • EVA molded add-a-bag system
  • Water-Resistant
  • Item weight-3.5 lbs


  • This backpack is perfect for law students who want to avoid having their laptops banging around in the bottom of their bags.
  • It has plenty of pockets and organization options, making it easy to stay organized while you’re on the go all day long.
  • The water-resistant material makes this backpack perfect for rain or snow days when you can’t bring an umbrella.

This backpack is perfect for the busy law student who needs a bag to carry around their laptop and other necessities in one place.

The anti-theft pocket on the front of the backpack keeps your belongings safe and provides easy access when you need something quickly.

There are plenty of pockets throughout this bag to help stay organized, as well as a built-in USB charging port.


  • Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 7.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.56 pounds
  • Water-Resistant
  • Theft Proof Back Pocket


  • The Matein Travel Laptop Backpack is perfect for busy law students who need to carry their laptops, books, and other necessities.
  • It has plenty of pockets throughout the bag to help you stay organized while you’re on the go all day long.
  • This backpack also comes with an anti-theft pocket which keeps your belongings safe and provides easy access when you need something quickly.

This backpack is an excellent option for a busy law student who needs to carry around their laptop, books, and other necessities in one place.

The large compartments on this bag make it easy to stay organized while you’re on the go all day long.

This bag has hidden pockets to help keep your belongings safe. At the same time, the water-resistant material makes it perfect for rain or snow days.


  • Dimensions: 16 x 5 x 21.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.80 lbs
  • Water-resistant case bottom
  • Two water bottle pockets
  • Rugged carry handle


  • This bag has a sleek design that makes it perfect for any work environment.
  • The large compartments on this bag make it easy to stay organized while you’re on the go all day long.
  • The Water-resistant case bottom protects your laptop, books, and other necessities from spills or even snow days!

This backpack is explicitly created for TSA convenience. It lays almost flat when you open it up, doing the job of the TSA and your life more straightforward.

It’s also made of water-resistant polyester to help withstand heavy use and rough weather.


  • Dimensions: 14 x 4 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Tablet Sleeve
  • TSA-approved tech compartment


  • It is explicitly created for TSA convenience.
  • Use the 1900 ScanSmart to separate and secure your electronics and other valuables from harm, as well as keep your books and other personal things organized in the inner compartments.

What To Look For In A Law School Backpack

As we’ve seen, there are a variety of characteristics that can make a backpack ideal for law school. It’s easy to be enthralled by various amenities included in some backpacks. While these may be entertaining, it’s essential to keep the most crucial features in mind when looking around: size, organization, and appearance, etc.

Size: When you’re looking at a backpack, it’s essential to consider the size. Some packs have enough space for all of your books, but others can fit just as much or maybe even more than what you need!

Organization: Look for backpacks with pockets and compartments so you can stay organized while on the go. It is beneficial if you’re the type who likes to spread out and get work done in different areas of your living space.

Appearance: While this may seem like a redundant characteristic, it’s still worth mentioning that appearance can be important when looking for backpacks specifically aimed at law students because they will most likely go with any office environment.

Comfort: You will be wearing this backpack for hours on end, so it’s crucial to find one that is not only comfortable but also has all of the pockets and compartments you need.

Affordability: While price should never be your priority, there are plenty of affordable backpacks out there made to last through years of heavy use!

Durability: You never know when you might need to take your backpack out in a bit of rain or snow, so make sure it’s water-resistant.

Storage capacity: It’s essential to find a backpack that can fit all of your school necessities, including books and electronics.

TSA-APPROVED certification: If you’re someone who travels frequently or needs to go through airport security often, then this is the perfect feature for you!

Bags on Wheels: Not all law students are well-built, and carrying a heavy backpack may result in back injuries. If you’re concerned about how much everything you’ll be lugging around will weigh, a bag on wheels could be a good option for you. They may not be the most stylish choices, but they score significant points for usefulness.

What are the benefits of using a backpack for law students?

  • Comfortable, convenient and durable
  • Easier to carry around
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Prevents back problems
  • Prevent shoulder pain

Top 7 Things to Pack in Your Law School Backpack

  1. Laptop/Charger
  2. Pens/Pencils/Highlighters
  3. Recording Device
  4. Binders/Notebooks
  5. Flash Drive
  6. Stapler/Staples/Tape/Scissors/Post-its Notes Sticky Flag
  7. Water/Travel Mug

Final Verdict

The backpacks on this list are all different in design and storage capacity, but they are perfect for law students.

When you’re looking for the ideal backpack, it’s essential to keep these features in mind. By doing so, you’ll be able to find a bag that will suit your needs as a law student with ease!


Do Lawyers Wear Backpacks?

Their lifestyle determines it. We aren’t used to seeing lawyers wearing backpacks, but daily, those who travel long distances need them.

Which Is The Best Backpack For Law School? 

The choice is yours. Backpacks are frequently the most popular option since they are adaptable, spacious, and simple to transport. If you have problems with your back, you may try searching for backpacks that alleviate this problem or side bags.

Can I Use My Law School Backpack for Outdoors?

Yes, all of the backpacks on this list can protect your stuff against inclement weather.

Can I use law school backpacks for traveling or hiking?

Yes! Backpacks are not only more weather-resistant, stronger, and roomier than other school bags; they’re also ideal traveling buddies.

Can I Wash Law School Backpacks?

Of course, all of the backpacks are machine-washable, as stated in the handbook.

Are these types of backpacks easy to wash?

Law school backpacks, which are most often composed of fabric, maybe safely washed if you follow the instructions carefully.

Should a wheeled backpack be bought for law school?

A wheeled backpack can be ideal for transporting a lot of weight to law school, especially if you have mobility issues. If your university has a lot of stairs, though, consider getting a wheeled backpack with backpack straps/top handle so that you may easily carry the bag up them and remove the trolley on flat surfaces.

You may also carry it by its handle and walk up the stairs while bagging trot, but this is not advised as it might harm the sides of your bag.

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