JanSport Big Student Backpack Review: The Right Pack for High School and College

How many times have you spent your morning scrambling around, trying to find your books and supplies for the day? If this sounds like a familiar experience, then it might be time to invest in a JanSport big student backpack.

This backpack from JanSport is the perfect backpack for high school and college students who want to stay organized. Notably, the Big Student features two large main compartments, a pleated quick stash front pocket, ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps, and a fully padded back panel.

For more on these great features and why they matter so much regarding, please read this JanSport Big Student Backpack Review below!

  • Dimensions: 17″ high, 14.5″ shoulder drop, 13.25″ wide 
  • 34-liter capacity
  • 5 interiors + 4 exterior pockets
  • Front utility storage pocket with quick access
  •  You can carry a water bottle conveniently in the side storage pocket.
  •  Two large main compartments are included.
  •  The top carry handle is a simple pick-up.
  • Weight 1.1 lbs
  • Recycled 600 Denier Polyester

Why is JanSport such a famous brand?

Jansport backpacks are so popular since they are incredibly durable and in high demand and due to the high standard of materials utilized in the production of the product. Suppose you care for your JanSport backpack properly. In that case, it will last for many years because everything in it is designed very well and precisely.

About the product

Since 1967, JanSport has been making trusty school bags. Through the years, it’s become a household name for dependable student bags. 

JanSport is an old name for a school bag, and it has long been the most recognized brand of bags on any campus in the world. It’s clear to see their unwavering commitment to providing trustworthy and high-quality backpacks for students and outdoor use in each item of their superb collection.

The Jan-Sport Big Student Backpack solves the problem in all the students’ worries. It has not one but two large storage drawers. It is made of high-quality 600 denier polyester, one of the most rigid and best fabric materials.

The backpack comprises five slip pockets and four external pockets, including a storage bottle opener and a water tank lid. There’ll also be an extensive collection of cool colors that’s perfectly suited to your personal preferences.

These JanSport bags are backed 100% by our lifetime guarantee. It’s the only backpack to carry you from campus to camp anywhere while always being cheap and stylish.

Main Features that Makes The Backpack Superior


The backpack is made of the finest quality denier material which makes it very durable. The fabric used here won’t tear or rip, and you’ll be able to use this bag for many years without any problem.


First, we ought to discuss how comfortable these backpacks are: they’re contoured and shaped ergonomically. The straps are curved, and the back panel is well padded to give you a comfortable feel while carrying this bag around.


The backpack has a 2,100cu inch capacity with two large compartments that can carry all your stuff in one place without any hassle. There’s also an external pocket where you can keep things like water bottles or other accessories for easy access when required.

Size and Weight

The backpack is lightweight, but it’s also large enough to easily carry your stuff in the two main compartments. The dimensions of this bag are 17″ high by 14 ½” wide, with a 34-liter capacity. That means you can use this bag for school or college without any problem whatsoever while still being able to carry all your books and supplies.

Benefits Of The Big Backpack


The JanSport big student backpack is an excellent deal for its price. It’s a perfect size, which allows it to hold several textbooks and even some notebooks. The two large storage drawers are very convenient, especially if you have more than one class in the afternoon.

Here are some key benefits:

– Two large main compartments

– Padded back panel for comfort and ventilation

– Ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps for reduced pressure on the shoulders, spine & hips

-Carry your MacBook Pro in style with this JanSport Big Student Backpack. It comes with many attractive features like multiple pockets to keep all your belongings safe and secure.

-It has a fully padded back panel, which will take care of your comfort and safety.

-The backpack comprises five slip pockets and four external pockets, including a storage bottle opener and water tank lid.

Drawbacks of JanSport Big Student Backpack 

  • The exterior is made of polyester, which may become worn in areas that are prone to abrasion.
  • Zipper Quality is not up to the mark
  • Only one side pocket is available.

Who This is Suitable For

Traveler- The pack is extremely light, so it won’t add any extra weight to your luggage or back while still carrying everything you need. While its capacity is just enough for an overnight trip, it has a lot of space inside for travel accessories. Comfortable ergonomic back and shoulder support. A water bottle pocket with an expandable mesh side is available.

Daily Use- The 30L bag has a traditional style that is great for regular usage. The main compartment is easily accessible, and the front accessory pocket is readily accessible. The bag comes with a handle.

College Students – This backpack features a detachable shoulder strap and a lightweight design with an interior sleeve for a 15″ laptop. The back is cushioned. A wide opening is present in the main compartment. Lightweight polyester shell.

High School Students- There are several compartments in the main compartment. Laptop sleeve. A utility pocket is included. Top haul handle for easier carrying. You may also adjust the shoulder straps.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a backpack that will last you through all of your high school and college career, then JanSport Big Student Backpack is perfect for you. This bag has many features to boast about, so why not try it today?


What’s the difference between the JanSport Big Student and the cool student backpack?

The Big Student is slightly bigger than the Cool Student. It has two large compartments, while the cool student backpack has one big compartment and an external pocket for accessories like water bottles or cell phones.

Is this bag durable?

Yes, it’s made of a high-quality unbreakable material that won’t tear easily even in the most demanding conditions.

Is there a laptop sleeve on the JanSport Big Student bag?

It includes an additional laptop sleeve, which is fantastic, and it looks great in the photos. 5 out of 5 stars Quality, roomy, and pockets for everything.

What is the maximum capacity of the JanSport Big Student backpack?

34 L

Do JanSport backpacks have a lot of room?

It’s the ideal option for you if you tend to bring a lot of books to school because it has so much room. The main compartment is spacious, and it comes with a 15″ laptop sleeve. There are also two external front pockets for anything you want to keep close at hand. 

How long does a JanSport backpack last when used as intended?

JanSport backpacks are known for long-lasting quality, with most lasting 1-3 years of daily usage. Some JanSport backpacks are of higher quality than others.

Is it possible to wash a JanSport backpack?

We recommend cleaning your bag by hand to maintain its form and finish. Use cool water with a soft, damp cloth to clean the inside and outside of your pack for Cordura and 600D Polyester Fabrics (like the Right Pack, Big Student, and SuperBreak). Do not use bleach or harsh detergents on your bag.

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