Timbuk2 Spire Review: Solid All-Purpose Bag for Commuting Cyclists

Timbuk2 is a company that has been around for over 30 years, and they are known for its rugged outdoor gear.

The timbuk2 spire laptop backpack 2.0 is an all-purpose bag that can be used as your everyday carry if you commute by bike. 

This pack features webbing on the front, making it perfect for holding a U-lock. At the same time, biking and the weather resistance protect it from light rain if you get caught in a drizzle on your ride.

If rocking the pseudo-military oil-slicked style is your thing, this pack may be for you!


  • In light rain, the material is highly resistant.
  • It’s possible to reach a laptop case in two distinct ways.
  • Two separate electronic compartments
  • The front webbing is ideal for bike U-Locks.
  • Roll-top is waterproof
  • Back zip access with a hidden zipper


  • It’s challenging to keep it safe.

Timbuk2 Spire Specs

Capacity: 26 Liters

Notable Materials: Polyurethane, Polyethylene

Exterior Pockets: 2 zippers, side waterbottle

Laptop Compartment: Yes

Hipbelt: No

Carry-On Size: Yes

Weight: 2.0 lbs

Laptop Compartment Size: 17″

Dimensions: 9.7*12.2*5.91 inches

Warranty Information: Lifetime Warranty Repair

About the Brand

Timbuk2 has been around since 1989, and it’s a well-known San Francisco company. It is a famous brand that specializes in messenger and courier bags. The company was founded by a bicycle messenger who wanted to create urban nomad messenger bags.

Timbuk2 Spire Backpack Review

Backpacks are versatile traveling companions which free your hands for more responsibilities. With lots of features, the Timbuk2 will handle as you fly around. The pack is available from Amazon.com in the United States for $129.00. You can use backpacks anytime or wherever a traveler takes a trip and are easily transportable, as is the Timbuk Spire.


The Spire is a significant step forward, that’s for sure. This bag is relatively thin – it measures only about 5 inches deep, allowing it to have a more streamlined, urban appearance.

The interior is bright, with a few traditional pieces to break things up. The various loops and straps that run all over the bag also help create exciting patterns and textures, giving the bag a lot of visual depth and complexity. The roll-top is not only functional but also provides the bag with a unique urban vibe.

This bag is intended for those who travel around cities, particularly bicycles, and I believe the design was successful. When worn, the bag has a very non-intrusive and streamlined appearance, which is ideal for an urban bag.


The Spire is currently available in five distinct designs/colors. Still, several of them appear to be on the verge of being discontinued, based on their clearance pricing. The New Black bag is nylon, whereas the Grey is a less glossy coated polyester.

Main Compartment

You’ll be astonished at how deep this bag will sit once you’ve fully unrolled it and opened it! This bag has a capacity of 30L.

You’ll find a zip pocket that appears to be the ideal location to store your wallet and passport while traveling.

On the other hand, there are two electronics pockets on the backside of the main compartment, both of which are well-lined to safeguard your valuables. The thinking here is to have a laptop compartment and a tablet compartment.

 I believe that anyone who must carry both should enjoy the privacy these two compartments provide and should be cautious of scratches. Devices are held in place by a wide velcro strap.

Carry and Comfort

The shoulder straps are very comfortable and ergonomic, as they’re made from a thicker material that does not appear to slip off of your shoulders.

There’s still room for more within the exterior pockets if you’ve got lots of gear in the main compartment. The zippers are all topped with metal pulls or big plastic tabs, depending on the size of the pocket.

The Spire is not well-suited as an on-the-go bag when traveling around the city since it is not very comfortable all day. The straps are inadequately cushioned, and a detachable sternum strap is included.


The outer shell is now water-resistant, which means that your goods will be drier than ever. There’s no need for a fender because of this. Water beads off, but mud is simple to wipe away.

Daisy Chain Webbing

You can attach anything to a U-Lock through its convenient U-Lock-ready daisy chain. Add a carabiner or a blinking light to the daisy chain for even more attachment possibilities.


Timbuk2 stands behind the high quality and handcrafted excellence of all its items. They also embrace the free, twisty ways of life; we will repair the bag at our discretion for the product’s lifetime if there is a material defect.

Wrap Up

Overall, the Timbuk2 Spire Laptop Backpack 2.0 is a solid option for your everyday carry if you commute by bike.

The timbuk2 spire review provides any traveler with the benefit they need when traveling around town or taking long trips. Besides, it’s a fashion-forward, sleek-looking product that provides travelers with a great way to carry their items away from home.


Does Timbuk2 make suitable backpacks? 

Of course, they do. The Timbuktu Spire Backpack is an excellent product that we’ve been using and testing for quite some time now. We found it to be a solid option if you cycle or commute by bike every day.

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